JOSSO is an open source identity and access management solution focused on streamlining implementations through a visual modeling and generative approach. Founded in 2004, it is used by around 4,000 organizations worldwide.

Main Features

  • Advanced Administration console — Fully visual configuration, rollout and management
  • Robust Identity and Access Management — A standards-compliant stack that supports a wide range of features
  • Single Sign-On — Simple combined Web and Cloud Single Sign-On
  • Rigorously tested and certified against multiple OS, Database and application servers
  • Clustering for high availability and scalability
  • System monitoring — Provided via advanced JMX tools and APMs such as NewRelic
  • User Provisioning — Automatic synchronization for aggregating identity repositories and keeping them in sync
  • Desktop single sign-on — Password-free access from workstations to any on-premise or hosted service
  • Deploy anywhere — Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds
  • Multi-tenant and White Labeling ready for enabling wholesale business models
  • Social SSO — Honors social identities from Google, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Support for SAML, OpenID, OpenID Connect, OAuth, WS-Federation support for seamless Cloud/Federated SSO experience
  • Integrates with most commonly used stacks such as JavaEE, LAMP and MEAN stacks
  • Multi-factor authentication support
  • Windows interoperability - plays nice with Active Directory for native single sign-on
  • Supports LDAP-compliant and JDBC-accessible identity repositories
  • Advanced multi-tenant branding capabilities
  • Bundled with user self-services
  • SOA security - Provides access control for both RESTful and SOAP web services
  • Self-contained - Runs as an all-in-one server with no external infrastructure dependencies
  • Cross OS and Hardware compatibility (100% Java-based)

Getting up and running quickly

The easiest way to try it out is by using our pre-built Vagrant-based 'JOSSO Playground' which hosts everything you need to roll out a fully functional environment, along with all the required pieces. For more information please see the Getting Started page.

In order to get more familiar with the solution you may want to delve into the detailed JOSSO documentation here here .